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"Let the pleasing to you"
"I am the alpha and omega"
"Praise be to the Lord...Amen and Amen"
"Ask... Seek... Knock... and it will be opened"
"The Lord is my banner"
"May the Lord, your god be with you"
"Bind them around"
"God himself will...establish me"
"Faith hope and love"
"If I forget you, o Jerusalem"
"Praise the Lord hallelujah"
"Praise the Lord with the Harp"
"I am that I am"
"The Lord God who ... is to come"
"Length of Days, and years of Life and Peace"
"..He would give you living water"
"The name of the city...The Lord is there"
"We give thanks to God, praying always for you".
"Put me like a seal over your heart.."
Set Your Heart
"The spirit of the Lord is on me"
"..Wait for it, it will certainly come.."
"We Will Obey"
"The word of GOD.. is a shield"
"I delight to do your will, O GOD"
"The Lord Bless You...Give You Peace"
"I Am The Alpha And Omega"
Ask Seek Knock
"I Will Be With You"
Bind Them
"Blessed Are Those Whose Strength Is In The Lord"
"I Am The Lord Who Heals You"
"God Himself Will Perfect...Establish Me"
"He will wipe away every tear.."
"A Woman Of Excellence"
"If I Forget You, O, Jerusalem"
"Give Thanks To The Lord For His Good"
"Praise The Lord, Hallelujah"
Immanuel - God With Us
"It Is Finished"
"To Give Joy Instead of Mourning"
"Before I Formed You...I Knew You"
Lord is There
New Jerusalem
"The Government Shell Be On His Shoulder"
"Put Me Like A Seal Over Your Heart"
"The Lord Is My Shepherd"
"The spirit of the Lord is on me"
"The Lord God Is A Sun"
"Give Me An Undivided Heart"
"..Wait for it, it will certainly come.."
Walk in it
"We Will Obey"
Your Will
"The Lord Bless You...And Give You Peace"
"Let The Words of My Mouth...Pleasing To You"
"I Am The Alpha And Omega"
"Praise Be To The Lord Behind...Amen"
Arise Shine For The Light Has Come
"Ask...Seek...Knock and It Will Be Open"
"The Lord Is My Banner"
I Will Be With You
Beauty for Ashes, Joy for Mourning
"Trust in The Lord"
I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine
Grace and Truth never Leave You
El Rafa
El Roi
Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving
"God himself will...establish me"
"He will wipe away every tear.."
Woman of excellence
"If I forget you, o Jerusalem"
"The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace.."
"Give thanks to the Lord for his good"
"A word rightly spoken is a golden apple.."
"His grace is new every morning."
Heal me O, Lord and I will be healed
"Immanuel "- God With Us
"Abide in him & he Will abide in you."
"It is finished"
Jesus is the Lord
The joy of the Lord is my strengh.
"Your kingdom come.."
"Before I Formed You...I Knew You"
"Length of Days, and years of Life and Peace"
"..He would give you living water"
"The Lord is near.."
"The name of the city...The Lord is there"
His banner over me
To all who love His return
"They will be mine...says the Lord.."
mourning into dancing
New Jerusalem
On His Shoulders
Open the Gates of Righteousness.
I Know the Plans
The Prayer of Jabez
For The Sake of Jerusalem
Seal Over Your Heart
Search my Heart
Set Your Heart
Spirit & the Bride
"The spirit of the Lord is on me"
The Lord is a Sun and Shield
Supply All Your Needs
Through Waters I Will Be With You
Time As This
Trust in the Lord Forever
Undivided Heart
"..Wait for it, it will certainly come.."
Walk In It
"We will obey"
"The word of GOD.. is a shield"
I Delight To Do Your Will
The Love of God
His Will
Jeremiah 31
Lord's Battle
My People
New Heart
New Song
Perfect Love
The Lord is my Refuge
I am The Way
Until The Spirit
Make me a Vessel
Waite on the Lord
Yeshua is Light
Arise Shine
I Will Be With You
I am my beloveds and he is mine
Bless the Lord
" . . here I am send me"
I Have Loved You
El Rafa
Everlasting Love
Every Tear
Woman of Excellence
My Daughter
New has Come
New Song
Prayer of Jabez
Walk in it
El Rafa
Everlasting Love
Woman of Excellence
Golden Apple
My Daughter
New has Come
Prayer of Jabez
Walk in it
I am the resurrection
Send out your light
I am you bond servant forever
Know Him and He will direct your path
You are beautiful, my Love!
"... Nothing is too hard for You!"
Many women have done well, But you excel them all
"Narrow is the way"
Be still and know that I AM God
"I have called you by name, You are mine!"
I am the resurrection
Send out your light
Golden Apple
My help comes from the LORD"

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