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News of Feb 14 2010

IRAN HEADS FOR “STUNNING PUNCH” AGAINST WEST: Iran this week announced it will more than quintuple its enrichment level of uranium for atomic weapons. Also, Islamic Iranian leader and commander-in-chief Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Monday, Iran will deliver a “stunning blow” to the West during this week's 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution. Such ongoing defiant steps have caused experts such as former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton to conclude that military force against Iran is the only option. On Friday, Iran’s Foreign Minister announced his country would export its enriched uranium to the West, but two days later this plan was withdrawn. Instead, Iranian leader Ahmadinajad ordered a major step-up in the processing of uranium, enriching it at a 20% level, instead of the current 3.5%. Speaking Tuesday, the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Commission, Ali Akhbar Salihi, said it was Iran's right to enrich uranium up to 100%. (INN) “They have greatly oppressed me from my youth, but they have not gained the victory over me.” Ps 129: 2

OBAMA: IRAN SANCTIONS IN WEEKS OVER NUCLEAR PROGRAM: US President Barack Obama on Tuesday said a new push toward international sanctions against Iran is moving quickly and should be completed in a few weeks. In a recent news conference, Obama provided his most extensive comments about Iran saying that despite Tehran's denials it is clear to him the Islamic Republic is pursuing a path toward "nuclear weaponization." He said the international community is looking at a significant regime of sanctions that will provide a "variety of ways" to apply pressure to Iran's government, without detailing them.

PM NETANYAHU: IMPOSE CRIPPLING SANCTIONS ON IRAN NOW: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called on the international community to act quickly against Iran as it continues to defy the West by augmenting uranium enrichment. He has also demanded that European ambassadors condemn recent statements made in Tehran regarding annihilation of Israel. "…The the international community needs to protect peace and impose sanctions on Iran. Not partial and moderate sanctions. The duty is to impose paralyzing sanctions on Iran now," he said. (Ynet) “May all who hate Zion be turned back in shame.” Ps 129.5

PROTESTERS ATTACK FOREIGN EMBASSIES IN TEHRAN: Iranians protested Tuesday in front of the Italian embassy in Tehran, shouting Death to Italy, Death to Berlusconi, Italy's foreign minister said. Protests were also held outside the French and Dutch embassies. The protests came a week after Premier Silvio Berlusconi announced - in Israel - that Italy was scaling back its economic dealings with Iran and wanted tighter sanctions against the Tehran leadership. Italy has long been Tehran's biggest trading partner in the EU. (Ha’aretz)

ISRAEL FM: LAND-FOR-PEACE PROCESS IS DEAD: Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Monday declared the land-for-peace formula for ending the Middle East conflict has failed and the time has come to either trade peace for peace, or for Israel to defeat its enemies. Many politicians have in fact pointed out that every land concessions Israel has made has only resulted in increased violence and hostility on the part of the Arabs. Former Arkansas governor and US presidential candidate Mike Huckabee recently said the same thing. Lieberman added the most important thing has always been, and must remain, the defense of Israel's right to exist. (Israel Today) Liberman’s statements are precise and true but he has come under sharp criticism for his outspokenness throughout Israel’s left wing parties that still maintain Israel must be carved up and handed over to its enemies to forward peace endeavors. Continue to pray for Israel’s leaders to make decisions that will further God’s prophetic plan for the Jewish state.

FM: TURKEY CAN’T KEEP SLAMMING ISRAEL: Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman this week leveled criticism at Turkey, for what he called "weekly" condemnations of the Jewish state. Lieberman said Israel had been "supporting close relations with Turkey for 10 years." He called the recent change in Ankara's stance, since Operation Cast Lead against Hamas terrorists in Gaza, "unexpected." Lieberman added that he hoped Turkey will make certain amendments to its foreign policy." His comments came after Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdođan said Israel “should give some thought to what it would be like to lose a friend like Turkey in the future,” in a news interview. (J.Post) “Deliver me and rescue me…from the hands of foreigners whose mouths are full of lies, whose right hands are deceitful.” Ps 144: 7, 8

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