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The Bible portion of the week - (Parashat Hashavua) - Bo - Exodus 10:1 - 13:17
Author: Ezekiel Porat

Published at:

Date: Jan / 24 / 2007

What is God telling us in Egypt? In the Torah portion of this week we read about the last 3 of 10 hits the god brings upon Egypt.
Are those plagues just a random? or is there another meaning behind the 10 plagues of Egypt?
IF we take a closer look wed find a surprising similarity between the hits and the procedure of creating the world in genesis:
1. The day light becomes Dark.
2. The water turns in to blood.
3. The herb was hit by the Hail.
4. And the leftovers were eaten by the locust.
5. The cattle died.
6. The land became lice.
7. And on the last hit, every firstborn child died. (on the first day god created the man)

It seems the God is saying to Egypt and the rest of the world: I created the world, and if needed I will change it.

Finally, Pharaoh, when saw the process, understood who is God, and that he, pharaoh is wrong.

But, more important to us is the lesson that when things start to go in the wrong way, look to God and check yourself, the answer is in your Deeds. We need to look at our deeds and ask ourselves, where did we go wrong? What can we amend in our ways? And the sooner the better, before it gets real bad.
Shabbat shalom

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